​​​​​​​ At Pradeep Sales & Service Pvt Ltd we are committed to produce and supply products for Power & Distribution Transformer Monitoring and Controlling  System as per Customer needs.
We work with a Vision to continually monitor and improve our systems, operations and quality of our products with an aim to enhance customer satisfaction and are committed to comply with their requirements.

  Our Keys Vision Points are :
* Customer Focus.
* Serve Customer With Great Integrity.
* Effort To Constantly Update Product Technology And Give Value For Money.

At Pradeep Sales & Service Pvt Ltd  we rate integrity first on our list of strengths. To be the only choice, providing all clients with the highest level of service. Offering an excellent service orientated approach. Solutions,with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.
We work with a Mission To build 
relationships with our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of their business; in assessing their current and forecasting their future requirements, thereby sharing their vision and assisting by developing and  realizing the vision with them.
  Our Keys Mission Points are :
* Provide World Class Products For Transformer Control And Monitoring Equipment’s.
* Development Of Latest Technology Based Products As Per Customer Requirement.
* Offer Excellent After Sales Service.
* Build Long Term Relationship With Customer.